Google Glass may be yours for "less than $1,500"

Google Glass, one of Google's most ambitious projects yet, may not be too far away. If The Verge is to be believed, the search giant will release Glass to consumers by the end of this year. What's more, the tech site has also been informed that the company will make Glass available for "less than $1,500" when it goes on sale.

If true, such a price would definitely make the wearable display easier to own for rich enthusiasts. However, we can't say anything more about the pricing unless Google defines "less than $1,500" better.

First put up for sale at last year’s Google I/O, the limited edition Glass Explorer Edition is yet to be shipped, but Google has increased its stock by an additional 8,000 devices. Google has re-opened pre-orders for Glass, but developers and enthusiasts will have to qualify to get a piece by submitting ideas to the company. The new round of pre-orders only applies to residents of the USA. Those who wish to get their hands on Google Glass will have to post their ideas for the wearable display on Google+ or Twitter; applicants will need to explain their ideas for the headset in fifty words or less, and may attach up to five photos or one 15-second video clip.

Will rich people be wearing this for Christmas this year?

Glass will likely feature bone-conduction technology instead of traditional speakers for sound, and a small screen in front of the user’s eye to display information. The wearable display will also feature a camera, which was shown off by the company’s co-founder Sergey Brin when Google Glass was first revealed.
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