Secret New Documents Reveal Shocking Truth About Vaccine Cover UP

It seems the doubters about vaccines are correct.New documents reveal a concerted and ongoing operation to product the vaccine industry regardless of health consequences to the recipients.

I urge everyone to download the 45 page pdf and spread it around before it gets pulled.

I urge everyone to make copies.Quickly.

It should be made and posted everywhere including to doctors and vaccine advocates and take it with you when you go the doctor.

Every parent should be made to read this.

A new site could be set up as this one will be certainly be closed down by vested interests.

"a recent investigative report compiled by Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, Ph.D., uncovers more than 30 years of hidden government documents exposing these vaccine schedules as a complete hoax, not to mention the fraud of the vaccines themselves to provide any real protection against disease.

"the information Dr. Tomljenovic gathered speaks for itself. Not only did the JCVI routinely ignore questions of safety as they came up with regards to the ever-expanding vaccination schedule, but the group actively censored unfavorable data that shed a "negative" light on vaccines in order to maintain the illusion that vaccines are..."

Here is the actual report.It should be taken to a lawyer and case filed against all those corrupt officials involved by those who have suffered and as a threat to public safety by these same officials acting for corporate interests and personal profit.

This should be spread by facebook and twitter.
So don't just read it.Spread it around.

Print it.

Send it to every doctor.Email it.

Tell your friends and family.

Remember it's your and your family's health and you are responsible for it.
Article Source: Abovetopsecret