Ariel School, Zimbawe UFO Research 1994 to 2012 (Full Info Documentary NEW)

Was shared this video recently and I thought I would share it for those interested in this subject. I appreciate that 2 hours plus may be a long time for some folks on here, but if you're truly interested, then I don't understand how you can possibly get bored listening to the accounts in this doc.

In this is all the information that the children provided at the time of the event and imo, it's some of the best accounts of a CE3 (Close Encounter of the Third Kind) by some of the most credible witnesses.
On 14th September, 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over Southern Africa. Two days later, something landed in a schoolyard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, with three or four things beside it, according to journalist Cynthia Hind. This was witnessed by 62 schoolchildren, who had little or no exposure to TV or popular press accounts of UFOs. Cynthia Hind interviewed them the day after the encounter and made them draw pictures of what they had seen. A few months later, Dr John Mack and research associate Dominique Callimanopulos traveled to Zimbabwe to research one of the most extraordinary group sightings of a UFO in recent times. At the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 60 children reported seeing a landed UFO during recess. In 2007, Dominique Callimanopulos and Randall Nickerson began production of an edited video program presenting John Mack's interviews with the schoolchildren and faculty. The film became a consuming passion of Nickerson's, and he spent 9 months in Africa to broaden the scope of the film far beyond our initial expectations, discovering new witnesses that corroborate the students' accounts. He is now editing, after returning from a follow-up visit to Africa in 2009, and visits with the now-adult children in 2010.

It's truly amazing to know the effect that this incident had on some of the witnesses there 18 years on from the event.

On a personal note, there's a few points of interest for me, most notably the "slow motion" movement of the beings, which seemed indicative of a time manipulation of some form. There's also the point that there were apparently two other incidents at other schools within a 40km radius at the same time. Absolutely remarkable case and full credit to Dominique Callimanopulos and Randall Nickerson for garnering all possible information on it.
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