Gold & Silver Go Vertical on COMEX Open, Silver Clears $33

After being attacked shortly after the COMEX open every day last week, gold and silver have both made a vertical move to the upside on Monday’s COMEX open.

Silver has made a .55 move to the upside, popping from $32.60 where the cartel had capped it all last week, through $33 to $33.14.

Gold also has spiked vertically higher back to $1730 where it has been continually capped.
Silver’s vertical move through $33:

Silver appears to be leading gold, as silver sliced through the cartel cap at $32.60 without a pause, while gold’s advance was beaten back again as soon as $1730 was pierced to the upside.

Gold was once again knocked back at the critical $1730 level, as the cartel simply refuses to allow gold to regain $1730, as it would then likely run straight to $1800, bringing massive momentum back to the buy side, and propelling gold back to it’s all-time nominal highs near $1915.