Why do sugar daddies turn to us?

We may be arrogant about our youth, but that arrogance comes only as a result of the knowledge that we’re better looking and more fertile. But it is perhaps an exhibition of double standards when members of a sex which steadfastly maintains that looks are not very important in a relationship claim these very looks to be the reason they are desired by men. Clearly, one of the two notions is wrong, and research has now proven that a woman’s physical appearance does in fact matter a lot to men. In fact, a partner’s looks matter more to a man than we could have ever imagined; which is probably the reason why sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships tend to work so well.

There are two researches that have proven men’s obsession with their partner’s physical appearance, one from the University of California and the other a more recent study that was featured in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Though both the said researches were centered on marriages, they still give us a more than fair indicator with regards to the issue at hand. In both cases, men who thought that their partners were attractive looking were found to be happier in the relationship, and were consequently more committed towards it. Of course the studies didn’t say which factors would propel a man to cheat on his wife, but the writing is pasted on the wall quite clearly.

And here’s why this is significant for any girl dating a sugar daddy: if a man finds you attractive enough, he’s going to stick to you till your beauty fades away. Of course, beauty is a highly individualistic and subjective percept, and we often flatter ourselves with that line of thought. But as long as he thinks you’re attractive, which should last at least a couple of years, you can count yourself insured. Besides, it also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are the one who holds the reins of power in this relationship, and you can walk away whenever you feel like.

Now that we know why sugar daddies turn to us younger women, another question arises, which is perhaps more an ethical one. ‘How fair is it to use our looks to our advantage?’ It’s totally fair; beauty has been used for the purpose of gaining leverage with men for centuries, and that too by powerful women who we admire today. If you’re in a moral dilemma about using your beauty to woo a man, shrug it off, take a hint from Cleopatra. Keep in mind Orwell’s quaint observation in Animal Farm, where he points out that all of us are born equal, but some more equal than others; if you have a gift, not using it is just wasting it, and beauty is most certainly a gift not bestowed on everyone. Besides, also take into consideration that a sugar daddy is using his money, age, social standing and a million other factors as leverage over you, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t pull out the beauty card in order to win the hand.