0:00however you need to understand
0:03bad the technologies that we have
0:06and we’re discussing are not theoretical we have actionable intelligence
0:10that any company in congress or
0:13executive action can find good regarding current
0:17operations I just wanna go through a list that them very quickly
0:20up these facilities and corporations
0:23for which we have witnesses who a can be subpoenaed
0:27by the committee so the congress up this was developed have to request a
0:32congressman christopher cox
0:34Orange County and with whom I met and was later to put further develop for
0:39the briefing for that we put together for President Obama these facilities are
0:44the Edwards Air Force Base
0:46and subsections where I’ll net the
0:49dry lake bed where lockheed skunkworks operations
0:53heats to haystack Butte China lakes
0:56George Air Force Base and the clothes morton
0:59Air Force Base were in anti-gravity device a car deal in reproduction
1:04for which we have the schematic Swiss seen by Frank Carlucci
1:07and others on our witness team a tabletop mountain
1:11and blackjack control up the airspace facilities there
1:16or the Northrop Ampthill facility t-con
1:19ranch the mcdonnell-douglas law no plan Lockheed Martin Howe and El plan
1:23and the Philips lap at the Nellis Air Force
1:26facility so-called area 51 no one calls it that
1:30there’s this for in S-twelve who Mesa
1:33groom lake and unknown number sup facilities the most important facility
1:37is in Utah
1:39near Provo the Dugway Proving Grounds all of which
1:42is underground airspace above it is classified
1:45there are no roads into this facility the
1:49New Mexico facilities include Los Alamos National Labs with underground
1:54to the so-called tolsey area where the biological work is being done
1:58and Kirtland Air Force Base in the complex there include Sandia National
2:03Phillips labs Manzano met a mountain weapons storage facility
2:07Coyote Canyon and the white sands complex in Arizona
2:12near Fort what you go which is army intelligence headquarters
2:15there is no you GB underground base where one of our witnesses who will
2:20worked on 9 separate extraterrestrial vehicle that had been down to advance
2:25electromagnetic pulse weapons
2:27and there are several different species up extraterrestrial biological story
2:32that facility the other facilities in this goes on
2:38include the shove a special
2:41compartment it area up Cheyenne Mountain where we have witnesses in our team who
2:45can be subpoenaed
2:46about where that we have tracked extraterrestrial vehicles
2:50in our solar system that we’re measuring 26
2:53miles in diameter other also
2:56a built facilities in Australia key when be in Pine Gap
3:00the so-called Alice Springs facility which is mostly a US Air Force facility
3:05even though it is in Australia
3:07I recently talked to the deputy prime minister
3:10Australia about this are also the rest on Arsenal
3:13an the Marshall Space Flight Center we have a scientist at the Redstone Arsenal
3:18under who works under contract for AT&T who have developed the strands
3:22dimensional systems
3:23he was under contract with my project to bring these energy devices
3:27out and he was then threatened by a former CIA director
3:30and when I called the goon squad that went down there three years ago
3:34in March this is just heart at the InformationWeek
3:38have and this information is on the flashdrive given
3:42Stephen Bassett’s staff them you’re all welcome
3:45to review thank you thank you well