Russia demands explanation from Holland for attack on diplomat by 2pm GMT

President Vladimir Putin called on the Netherlands to apologize for the alleged assault and detention of a Russian diplomat in The Hague. He slammed the incident as a “blatant violation” of the Vienna Convention and demanded those responsible be punished.
Speaking at the APEC summit in Indonesia, Putin said Russia was waiting for an “official apology” after a formal complaint was lodged with the government of the Netherlands.

"We are awaiting an explanation, an apology and also punishment of those responsible," Putin said at a news conference after an Asia-Pacific summit in Indonesia. He added that Russia would react depending on the course of action the Dutch side takes.

“The Dutch government is obliged to send a full explanation by 6pm today (14:00 GMT) Moscow time,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry in an official statement. 
Minister-counselor Dmitry Borodin said he was badly beaten by unidentified men in camouflage uniform who forced their way into his flat in The Hague on Saturday evening. He was then taken to a police station and held for a number of hours without any explanation.

Borodin went on to say that the men did not produce any official documents showing they were policemen. Moreover, the men ignored Borodin when he said he was a diplomat. 

The Dutch government responded by saying it would apologize only if an investigation into the incident proved the Vienna Convention on diplomatic immunity had been breached.
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