IRS Threat!


You Sheriffs need to respond and go after the IRS and NSA for possible THREATS against me, and others, as a human being!

Brandon White has called me twice today, and states he works for the IRS, Internal Revenue Service.

It is hard for me to understand what he says as he has some kind of an accent.

He said I have an issue with the IRS in which I must settle and call James Miller with the Investigation Department of the IRS.

I tried calling the number 951-223-6693 and it comes up dead air, no busy signal, and no fax line signal.

Therefore when Brandon White called me the second time a couple hours later he has made a THREAT on me to answer or they will be coming after me.

Maybe it is because I have sent so many comments to nesaranews that the NSA has now made an effort to SHUT ME DOWN as a PERSON!