Fukushima: Tepco Admits False Radiation Readings for 2 years! INVENTIONS NEEDED! update 9/14/13

Prime Minister Abe Called OUT by TEPCO when Abe said that leaks were under control for the bid for the Summer 2020 Olympics. I simply cannot believe he said the Pacific Ocean was not contaminated besides the immediate area in front of Fukushima Daiichi. Even TEPCO called Bull Shit on him! So what’s That saying?!

Tritium RAGING around the storage tanks at Fukushima. How many of you think that since they cannot find the leaking tanks besides the one(s) they have already identified… the high Tritium readings (now that they have higher instruments to Measure the higher and HIGHER readings)… how many of you think the “corium” Blobs may be bubbling water to the surface causing readings to Skyrocket? So Fast in Such a FEW DAYS. I posted this in yesterday’s update, too, but thought it was noteworthy to add again today.

Calling all Inventive People around the Galaxy… Can you please tell TEPCO and the Japanese Government How To Fix Fukushima… They are just now looking into that. Geezus.

The Dangers of Radiation with Dr. Edward Group