Cops Reach a Whole New Level of CRAZY – Climb in bedroom window, throw innocent, SLEEPING occupants to the floor and SHOOT DOGS!

Police were searching the area for a person of interest.

Without any evidence or a warrant, they decided to climb into the home of Cristina Moses and her fiance Travis Nicholas, right through a bedroom window.

The couple was awoken to the sound of intruders in their home — at least six of them — and were quickly dragged from their bedroom and into the hallway. Guns were aimed at them and they had boots placed on their backs.

“The cops threw Cristina on the ground, cussing,” Nicholas said. “It was obvious that I’m not armed because I’m in my boxers.”

Then the couple witnessed their two dogs get shot by police. Police claim that an officer was bitten, but the couple says they witnessed it clearly and their story contradicts the officers’.

I am so tired of hearing these stories of innocent people being jumped by cops – pets murdered – what the heck is going ON?