A Terrifying Collapse Will Plunge The World Into Total Chaos

A Terrifying Collapse Will Plunge The World Into Total Chaos

With fear escalating around the world about the state of the global economy, today a 42-year market veteran issued a frightening warning when he told King World News that a terrifying collapse will plunge the world into total chaos.  He spoke about how this will impact key markets such as gold, silver, stocks, and bonds, and also told KWN what people must do to prepare themselves ahead of the coming collapse.  Below is what Egon von Greyerz, founder of Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland, had to say in this chilling interview.

Greyerz:  “Eric, as we have discussed in recent interviews, gold and silver will surge in September and they will both make substantial new highs in 2014.  Gold will go up hundreds of percent from current levels, and possibly even thousands of percent.

But, sadly, gold going up means a total mismanagement of the world economy, and the disastrous destruction of paper money.

“This destruction will come about through endless money printing and credit creation.  So, unfortunately gold going up is not good news for the world.  Instead, it reflects a world in chaos, and this chaos will only accelerate over time.

Gold surging, which it will do, means a world economy that is crashing.  This is virtually guaranteed to happen.  I know that most King World News readers and listeners will be well protected with an important part of their assets in gold, but they must also understand what kind of world in which they will be living.

When gold goes to $10,000, $50,000, or, in a hyperinflationary collapse, maybe even 100 trillion dollars, that will be a world which will be much less pleasant to live in.  In the West, much less than 1% of the population will have enough gold to protect themselves financially.

To be part of that minority is likely to be very beneficial.  But to be wealthy when everyone around you can have its own dangers.  I have already stressed many times the importance of a low profile, and the fact that it will be unwise to flaunt wealth in the future because we are very likely to see a world with total wealth destruction.

This will include the value of paper money crashing, stock markets collapsing (in real terms), bond markets collapsing, a failing financial system, and surging interest rates.  Pensions will either be worthless or virtually worthless.  We will also see that countries are in no position to look after their people.

This means their will be no social security, and failing infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, transportation systems, roads, police protection, and fire services.  This will also lead to social unrest and crime.  We could well see a combination of anarchy and police or totalitarian regimes.

Of course the risk of major geopolitical conflicts is growing substantially as we have seen in the last week or so.  I think the picture I’ve painted is already sufficiently bleak.  I wish that none of these things would transpire, and they may not, but the risks are higher than ever.  But let me make it very clear, the risks are here now, today.  This is what we all have to be aware of and prepare for.
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