Worlds biggest ongoing Mass UFO’s Sightings event in history – Video Compilation!

Worlds biggest ongoing Mass UFO’s Sightings event in history – Video Compilation!

Michael Lee Hill and Sacred Spirit Tours Present the 2013 Lake Erie UFO Tour!

Michael will share with us his latest doings including his music, inclusion of his UFO contactee experiences in a new book by Bill Birnes, and Michael's own continuing research on the Lake Erie UFO phenomenon. Activities will include a conference and skywatch at Lake Erie with Micheal personally.

Michael Lee Hill is a UFO/ET Contactee, a UFO videographer and international recording artist. His extraordinary experiences have been featured in videos, movies, on television, in articles and in books. Michaels videos of many sightings over Lake Erie are a viral phenomenon and also the videos have been featured in news segments and many other places.

Michael is an accomplished musician, guitar player par excellence and his band, The Michael Lee Hill Project continues to enjoy success and acclaim.

Michael's story about his extraordinary experiences of his personal connection to his research, as a contactee and exopolitical analyst is going to be part of a new book by Bill Birnes from the TV show UFO Hunters.

Michael is also going to be the featured speaker at a phenomenal conference, tour and skywatch at Lake Erie in October, 2013. The conference will be bringing together all the information and media features produced by or about Michael, will give ample opportunity for attendees to ask questions and will feature skywatch on Lake Erie, a national maritime treasure and the epicenter of something truly extraordinary.

The Lake Erie UFO Case: an Outstanding Report
Monday, November 19, 2012

It's not often that a UFO case gets such expert treatment as is seen here in Wes Penre's deeply researched and careful analysis of the Michael Lee Hill Lake Erie UFO case.

Noteworthy is the fact that a documentary that was being done by Spike TV on Hill was abruptly cancelled by 'higher authorities.' As many who have gone down that same road know, all too often, UFO related projects are abruptly cancelled for unknown reasons by media at every level. It is hard to believe that some sort of intervention from the outside is routinely suppressing sensible and positive stories about this subject. - Whitley Strieber (November 2012)

"Michael is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO's has created a Billy Meier like buzz and this unassuming rocker seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloging video after video of UFO's over Lake Erie. What makes these different than most sightings is that the phenomena consists almost entirely of 'Pulsating orb's of light' characteristics. Unusual lights seen changing colors, converging, and separating over the lake. Stories of the unexplained phenomena date back over 150 years to the indigenous tribes". - The Unified Field (CKDU) Radio

Michael's Lake Erie UFO footage has been featured on Fox News, Coast to Coast AM,, and in the feature film's "UFO's unplugged with Dan Aykroyd", And David Sereda's latest film From Here To Andromeda which Michael also co-produced. Michael has most recently been featured on the History Channel's "UFO's Hunters" show and filmed a pilot for a Alien/UFO based show for Spike TV in 2012 that was never aired for various reasons.