Top Five Police Shootings of Unarmed Citizens (…and they got away with it too!)

The following are five examples of police being caught red-handed, shooting unarmed citizens and getting away with it. There are many examples which didn’t make this list, but there will be follow-ups to come. In all of these examples, there were witnesses, and – as you will see – video evidence documenting the shootings. Still, the police involved in the shootings of these unarmed citizens did absolutely no jail or prison time for their crimes…

#5 – In this example, we see a perfect example of the citizen spy culture taking root in the USA with the “If you see something, say something” program encouraged by Homeland Security, in this case resulting in disaster.

A 911 call apparently was made after a neighbor mistakenly interpreted a man sitting on a porch as a “drunk with a gun.”

Long Beach, California officers arrived, prepared for battle, and the man was killed. Only one problem. He didn’t have a gun… he had a gardening hose, and was watering his neighbor’s lawn

In the upscale neighborhood of Belmont Shore, this shooting showed the community that shooting unarmed citizens was not just something the police reserved for African Americans.

None of these officers are doing time for this…

#4 – In a dramatic story that has been stoked by amateur YouTube videos, the aftermath of the fatal New Year’s Day shooting of a young man by a Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department (BART) officer unfolded on several fronts – with protests, a funeral and an announcement that the officer had resigned.

Oakland police responded to scattered disturbances as hundreds of protesters gathered around the Lake Merritt BART station, overturned trash cans, lit a dumpster on fire and rocked a police car back and forth. Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. It was unclear whether there were any arrests or injuries.

Earlier that day, more than 1,000 people turned out at a Hayward church to remember Oscar Grant III , who one worshipper called “the apple of God’s eyes.” Cell phone videos apparently show Grant face down being shot by an officer standing over him.

On the same day, as word spread that Officer Johannes Mehserle had quit the force, about 50 protesters met with Alameda County District Attorney Tom Orloff to demand that his office file charges against Mehserle in the shooting at the Fruitvale BART station. After initially resisting, Orloff let the protesters into his office, but excluded about a dozen members of the press waiting outside in the lobby. The group included 10 local pastors, Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson, and Oakland City Councilmember Desley Brooks, who has called Grant’s death “an execution.”

BART officials announced Wednesday that Mehserle, 27, had resigned. Earlier in the week, the officer’s attorney postponed a meeting that had been scheduled by BART investigators for Tuesday and sought to defer the meeting until next week, according to a press release from BART.

BART investigators declined the delay and scheduled Wednesday’s meeting, during which Mehserle’s attorney and union representative submitted his resignation letter. The officer was not present, according to the release from BART.

BART officials had urged Mehserle to meet and cooperate with the transit agency’s investigation into the fatal shooting, which has been playing out online in disturbing videos and eyewitness accounts of the melee that led to the incident. Officers were called to the station after a report that a fight had broken out on a train.

“This shooting is a tragic event in every respect for all involved,” BART General Manager Dorothy Dugger said. “We recognize that the family and friends of Oscar Grant are in mourning and we extend our condolences.”

Still, this officer did not face prison time for his execution of Oscar Grant…

#3 – In the following video, police try to detain a CIA agent for no reason at a routine traffic stop. That is, the agent seemed to know there was no reason for him to be asked to step out of the vehicle, and fearing something untoward was about to happen, perhaps even concerned the the officer was not an actual police officer (we can never know exactly… since he is dead), he drove away when instructed to step out of the vehicle, when the officer had no cause to make this demand.

When he finally gets out of the car, seeing numerous officers and little success at getting away, he got out of the vehicle and was shot dead by an officer, even while he did not fire at them, nor even draw his legally-carried firearm.

This is essentially like a mall security guard shooting an FBI agent and not being arrested.

#2 – Attorney John Burris released a video showing the shooting of Ernest Duenez Jr. by Manteca PD Officer John Moody on December 12, a day after the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Office cleared Moody of any wrongdoing in the June 2011 incident. That means – once again – no jail time for these killer cops.

According to the District Attorney’s report, Duenez, who was being sought for a parole violation and an earlier domestic disturbance call, brandished a knife as he exited a truck despite orders not to move. Moody fired 13 rounds in 4.2 seconds, striking Duenez several times. Duenez’s wife can be seen coming out of the house and screaming after her husband is shot.

There is no sign of any weapon in the video. Burris believes that Duenez, who was caught in the truck’s seatbelt, was not holding any weapons or moving aggressively. Duenez’s wife also claims that when she – the first to approach him – arrived, there was no weapon. Burris has asked the U.S. Justice Department to look into the case and to file murder charges against Moody.

Not surprisingly, these killer cops remain at large…

Read District Attorney’s Full Report Below…

Edward Duenez Jr. DA Report

#1 – Adding the most “insult to injury,” our #1 example in this first installment of the top five police shooting unarmed citizen videos, is of the police shooting a man when he ran screaming at an officer who had just run over his daughter on his motorcycle.

Moments after his motorcycle struck a 4-year-old girl, an off-duty Chicago Police officer shot and killed the girl’s irate father after he allegedly attacked the officer, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Fraternal Order of Police Spokesman Pat Camden identified the officer as a 43-year-old veteran of the Chicago Police. The officer was headed home on Saturday evening when the horrifying incident occurred.

As he was driving home, the officer says he saw a child unexpectedly run into the street. In order not to strike the girl directly, the cop jumped off his motorcycle, pulling it down on its side on the pavement. However, the motorcycle skidded and flipped, hitting the 4-year-old girl and her 18-year-old cousin, John Passley.

The cop argues that he identified himself as a police officer but Middleton still hit him in the face and knocked him to the ground before striking him repeatedly. According to the Daily Herald, the officer said, “Take it easy, I’m the Police.” But Middleton replied, “I don’t give a f*ck who you are,” and punched him in the face. Apparently not knowing how to defend himself without discharging a firearm, the officer fired and killed Middleton.

Witnesses claim that the off duty officer never identified himself as a police officer and that the entire dialoge the officer described was fabricated.

Middleton’s sister, Tina Middleton, said her brother lived in Elgin with the mother of his daughter and was visiting relatives in Maywood, where he grew up. “He was a good person,” she said. “I know for sure he wasn’t out to harm the man. My brother would never harm anybody. I could understand him [the officer] being upset, but two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Middleton was due to be married Aug. 18th, his sister said. Besides his daughter who was injured, Middleton also had a 6-year-old son and an unborn child, his sister said. Middleton’s daughter suffered contusions and abrasions and was hospitalized overnight for observation.

Passley was held by Maywood police for questioning, Shapiro said, but not surprisingly, he also did no time for this shooting…