BREAKING! Report of a plane crash in San Francisco – VIDEO

An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crashed while landing at the San Francisco International Airport Saturday morning, according to the FAA.

It is not known how many people were killed or hurt in the crash, however there are unconfirmed reports of injuries and fatalities.

The FAA said the plane – flight 214 – was landing at SFO from Seoul, South Korea when it crashed.

The tail was ripped off the plane and debris was scattered all over the runway. It then burst into flames, burning the roof off the mid-section of the plane.
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plane crash in San Francisco
An Asiana Airlines jet en route to the U.S. from Incheon, South Korea, crashed and caught fire Saturday as it landed at San Francisco International Airport.

There was no immediate report of injuries. One Twitter message said all 303 people on board the Boeing 777, identified as Flight 214, had been accounted for.

Buses were seen taking passengers from the airplane, which stopped next to a runaway some distance from the terminals.