BREAKING: British National Kidnapped in Nigeria

BREAKING: British National Kidnapped in Nigeria

Fundamental Islamists fomenting an international crisis – stay tuned for updates.
British High Commission in Nigeria says a British national has been kidnapped in Lagos

Gunmen targeted a four-wheel drive car at around 8.30pm on Tuesday after it left the airport's international terminal, seizing the British man who was returning to a residential area of Lagos, according to security sources.

The Nigerian driver of the vehicle was shot but survived.

In a statement, the British High Commission (BHM) said: "The BHM is working closely with others to secure the release of the hostage.

"Because of the nature of this incident, the BHM is not going into further detail about it."

Major companies with British connections operating in Nigeria include oil giant Royal Dutch Shell, British Airways, Unilever and PricewaterhouseCoopers. There was no indication of where the kidnapped man was employed.

Kidnapping of expatriates and Nigerians by armed gangs seeking ransom has been rife in Nigeria's oil producing southeast, but is rarer in Lagos were most foreigners live.

Four Chinese nationals and the three-year-old son of a state legislator have previously been reported kidnapped this month.
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