97°-98°F for Newark, NYC Tuesday & 1°-2° warmer for Wednesday, so perhaps 100°F

Dangerous #heat in the #Northeast continues. Stay hydrated and take it easy outdoors, this afternoon.

Power companies and state officials are preparing for what could be the hottest temperatures of the summer, so far, in the Northeast.

“Early morning lows will only ‘cool’ into the upper 70s or even low 80s in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.,” said weather.com Senior Meteorologist Jon Erdman. “The lack of a break in the heat in the evening and overnight has been cited as a significant contributor to heat deaths.”

Heat wave raises child and pet safety concerns after 20 children left in hot cars die:

As a heat wave ripples across the country, hitting the I-95 corridor this week, temperatures will continue to soar. Sailing with the intense heat is an impending danger, as 20 children have died of heat stroke from being left in cars so far this year in the United States.

Last year 33 children died, according to Jan Null, CCM at San Francisco University.

“This is still 33 too many,” Null said. Despite being four less than the yearly average of 37 children heatstroke deaths, according to Null’s research, typically, 52 percent of these deaths are due to a caregiver forgetting a child in a car, and thus many could be prevented.

NAM 00z 97°-98°F for Newark, NYC Tuesday & 1°-2° warmer for Wednesday, so perhaps 100°F

NAM 00z has 94°-96° for DC Tuesday, then a bit warmer, 97°F for Wednesday.

NAM 00z 5pm temps tomorrow for Great Lakes — recommend you take a swim — 90°-95°F Detroit, Chicago, Flint