4 men Locked in Houston Dungeon for 10 years as Captor Stole Their Checks!

4 men Locked in Houston Dungeon for 10 years as Captor Stole Their Checks!

A new house of horrors has been discovered, this time in Houston, Texas, where four men have been kept prisoner–one perhaps for a decade–while thieves stole their welfare checks.

After being tipped off by a neighbor, Police found the four men living in “deplorable conditions” in a house in the northern area of Houston.

One of the men was a military veteran and all were disabled to one degree or another. One had to be taken out of the building on a stretcher.

The men were being held in a garage and were forced to sleep on the hard floor in a room that was shut tight and locked down preventing their escape.

As the Daily Mail reports, “Police believe the alleged victims, who were aged 54, 65, 74 and 79, may have been homeless and that they were being kept at the house so the suspect, who has been arrested, could cash their welfare checks.”

One man has been arrested but police are still sorting out just what was gong on, who was involved, and for how long, so no charges have been announced just yet.

Media outlets in Houston reported that the men were given beer, food, and cigarettes in exchange for singing over their welfare checks.

“They were prisoners in that house,” said Sergeant Steve Murdock of the Houston PD.

Police reported that there was evidence that other men had been kept in the “dungeon house,” too.

Police also reported that several women, some of whom seemed to have mental disabilities, were also in the home.

It all sounds like a well-run welfare fraud scheme, doesn’t it? What do you guys think? Is this happening all over the country, or is this an isolated incident?