Special Got Gold Report - Large Trader Positioning in Silver Futures

HOUSTON – As a courtesy to our blog readership and the general public we are releasing an excerpt of our recent special report to Got Gold Report Subscribers on the positioning of large traders in silver futures.  GGR Subscribers received the report via email and on the private GGR welcome page on Sunday, June 16.

This report documents the stunning positioning of the largest, best funded and presumably the best informed traders of gold and silver futures – the traders the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) classes as “commercial,” including some of the bullion banks many of those traders end up trading through. (More...)
20-Year Low Combined Commercial Net Hedges for Silver Futures

As of June 11, commercial hedgers held a combined net short position so small, that when viewed as  a percentage of all COMEX contracts open, it is the lowest in at least 20 years.  In other words the people who hedge silver for a living are in no mood to put on net hedges or bets that silver will fall considerably lower in price with $21 handle silver.

Just below is one of the many charts in the report that detail the large trader positioning visually.  To download the PDF of the report follow the link below.

Graph:  Silver LCNS LT

(Combined Commercial Net Short Positioning since 1993 for silver.  Lowest since 1997. Source: CFTC for COT, Cash Market for silver prices after 2003, LBMA for silver prices prior to 2004, GGR.)