Infant dies after Mother invited Pedophile Boyfriend to Rape Child

Throw momma from the train…

Preferably in front of a bus!

A baby is dead after the worst mother in the world invited her pedophile boyfriend to rape her child. The Missouri mom is charged with murder and child abuse by police who said that she let her child get raped and killed to satisfy her boyfriend’s sexual perversions. 25-year-old Jessice Howell indicated to her boyfriend, Jordan Prince, that she was willing to let him have sex with her daughter.

Prince strangled the girl to death as he sexually assaulted her. The prosecutor stated, “Ashlynn was sexually assaulted causing multiple tears to her anus, a massive laceration to her rectum with massive hematoma in the area of the pelvis. The injuries to her anus and rectum of Ashlynn were sufficient to eventually cause her death even without the strangulation.”

Howell and Prince are in prison facing murder charges and a lifetime behind bars, where pedophiles usually receive swifter justice than the government can dole out on its own.