Watch Bernanke’s Testimony on Monetary Policy LIVE As Gold & Silver Plunge on Cue!

Expect Bernanke to continue the Fed’s coming end to quantitative easing (Fexit) propaganda as he gives his annual testimony on monetary policy to Congress.

We urge readers to be prepared to stack the smack as well, as the cartel is known to raid the metals when Bernanke begins speaking at major events (recall last year’s Leap Day Massacre during Bernanke’s testimony to Congress on Monetary Policy).

*And on cue, gold and silver plunge precisely at 10:00 am as Bernanke’s testimony begins.  Forget charts and fundamentals, all you need to be an expert trader in today’s markets is a decent calendar.

Watch Bernanke’s report to Congress on the Fed’s Monetary Policy LIVE
Unfortunately, Ron Paul will not be grilling Bernanke this year, but you can still watch Bernanke’s testimony LIVE at CSPAN3 after the jump:

Ron Paul Bernanke
Gold and silver plunging on cue as Bernanke’s testimony begins: