Violence Continues in Egypt-Child Killed

By Sarah Dee
February 14, 2013
The IntelHub recently reported about the violence that had broken out in Egypt between police and protesters at the end of January 2013. The fighting has since tapered off to some extent, but the death of a child that occurred February 3rd has the government apologizing most likely in hope of trying to keep the fragile peace.
The AP reported today that the twelve-year-old street vendor, Omar Salah, was shot and killed by armed forces during a skirmish and now the Egyptian government has issued a formal apology via their official Facebook page:
“The Armed Forces apologizes for the mistaken killing of the child and pledges to take all legal measures against the culprit,” military spokesman Ahmed Mohammed Ali said…(*)”
The apology comes amidst allegations of a cover-up from citizens who are at odds with the Egyptian government, though the government denies these claims and says the boy’s death was accidental, and happened when a soldier was inspecting his weapon. Allegations of torture and human rights violations also cloud the atmosphere of Egypt’s ruling class, with several suspicious deaths of activists occurring in recent weeks. (You can read more about this here). The boy’s funeral will take place tomorrow alongside a protest against the violence that keeps flaring up in the region.

(*) El Deeb, S. (2013, February 14). Egypt military offers rare apology for child death. Associated Press.