VIDEO: Sources - De Soto Was Using Anti-Depressants, Spice

Guam -  As unspeakable and mind-boggling Tuesday night’s tragedy is, many are still left with unanswered questions about the mind of an accused killer. Why did Chad De Soto do this? What state of mind was he in that drove him to such madness? Was it drugs?

Two PNC Sources have said that De Soto was using a synthetic drug called spice, which is known to have similar effects to marijuana. But because its chemically altered, the drug’s potency could range from mild to severe. But it’s still not clear if he was high on spice at the time of the attacks.

Several friends of De Soto have said that he was going through a turbulent time in his life. His parents, Christopher De Soto, a Customs and Quarantine agent and his mother, Rae Aiko Skey De Soto an accountant with the Department of Education, had gone through a divorce in 2009. It was during the time that Chad was in high school, which could be a factor as to why he did not graduate from high school with the rest of his peers.

Then there’s the girlfriend. De Soto, sources say, had just broken up with his girlfriend, Reanne Acasio last October. She has moved to the US Mainland, but we found a youtube video of Acasio dedicating an original song to De Soto with an apology message at the end. This was posted in November 2012.

"This song was for someone I care deeply about, someone who may be better off just forgetting me. I broke his heart. I broke his trust and I failed to be there when he needed me most. Hurting him was probably the biggest mistake I ever made in my life and I guess I had one last bit of fight in me to ask for forgiveness. So if you’re watching this, I am so sorry. You deserve none of what I did to you. You’ve loved and supported me for well over a year and I failed to do the same for you. You had faith and believed in me and I failed you. So I’m sorry. I still do care about you deeply. I hope you find your happiness again. I love you, Chad De Soto," Acasio declares in her video.

And yet another clue into a possible motive, De Soto’s friend, Korrina Cruz, paints a picture of the Chad she knew.

"As a person, he was really someone everyone looked up to. He was very talented. He knew how to do a lot of musical stuff, video stuff. Really good artist,"says Cruz.

But even before De Soto’s alleged rampage, Cruz says he had been depressed. Art was his outlet, she says.

"He would use that to express himself and also get rid of depression and also get rid of his problems. He would do it the healthy way. He wouldn’t go to drugs or anything--well this is before, before everything happened," she explains.

And even the last time Cruz saw De Soto, about a week before Tuesday’s tragic events, she says, he seemed troubled and was getting rid of his personal belongings.

"He called me up and said I’m having a mini fundraiser and that bring someone I know and trust because he’s giving away some stuff, but I thought he was just selling it. So I went there and he said I cannot because my mom and I are having a serious talk so I said okay, so I turned back to my house and my other friend  called me and he said can we visit Chad because he’s giving away stuff for free," says Cruz. "We went there and he didn’t look like the Chad I knew. He looked troubled. You could see in his eyes that he was going through something."

De Soto is scheduled to appear in court on February 22. He's being held on $2 million cash bail.
Article Source: Pacificnewscenter