“Survive and Thrive” Founder Fernando Salguero Arrested After Appearing in Court for Traffic Ticket

By JG Vibes
February 15, 2013
As a vocal activist in his community, Fernando Antonio Salguero has had to deal with an unfortunate amount of legal trouble, simply for exercising his natural rights and promoting freedom.

Just a few months ago, Fernando was arrested for handing out jury nullification flyers outside of a court house.

Now he is in trouble again after the Philadelphia police made a scene outside of his car and conducted an illegal search.  At the time his car was parked and he was visiting the court house to dispute traffic tickets.  The police are claiming that he had tear gas and “rocket propelled flares”, while reliable local activists close to the situation have clarified that it was just pepper spray and road flares that were in the vehicle.

According to Philly.com:

“A Pennsylvania man who set up a survivalist meet-up group was arrested Tuesday on weapons charges after he showed up at a Camden County municipal court to challenge a traffic violation, police said Wednesday.

Fernando Antonio Salguero, 39, had illegally parked his 2005 Ford Crown Victoria – equipped like a police car, with an antenna and lights – in front of the Somerdale municipal court, said Jason Laughlin, a spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

Police checked the license plate and requested the assistance of the Camden County Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad after discovering a weapons charge against Salguero out of Hopewell and recent Somerdale offenses, including driving with a revoked license, officials said.

A police dog indicated explosive materials in the car, but police found none. The Bridgeport, Pa., resident was arrested after police found teargas canisters and rocket-propelled flares. He was held in the Camden County Jail on $32,500 bail. A phone number for Salguero could not be immediately located.”

A second article from the same website gave another side of the story, interviewing activist Mike Salvi.  The article stated that:
Mike Salvi, a “libertarianish” activist and longtime friend, said that Salguero had pepper spray and road flares in his car, not weapons.
“They put this huge scene there and to have him walk away with no charges would have looked bad,” said Salvi, 35. “He’s one of the most stand-up people I’ve ever met in my life.”
Salvi said that Salguero would be out by the end of the night Wednesday.
Fernando was also involved in the relief effort for hurricane sandy, where he traveled to some of the worst hit areas to help deliver supplies.