Meteorite Hits Russia, Could Erie Be A Target?

The images are amazing. A huge meteor streaking towards earth at supersonic speeds, then breaking up over Western Siberia in Russia with an ear shattering sonic boom.

But could this happen here in Erie Pa?. "Absolutely" says Edinboro's professor of Geo-sciences.

David Hurd. Hurd says we are not immune to such impacts, and added that scientists didn't even see this one coming until a few weeks ago.

Mercyhurst University's professor Nicholas Lang agreed, saying anywhere on Earth is equally open for that to happen. In this case, impact was in Russia.

Ironically, an asteroid named D-A 14 passed very close to Earth today, a mere 17 thousand miles above the earth.

But there's nothing to worry about. D-A 14 passed by with no chance of striking Mother Earth.