Large UNIDENTIFIED object approaching EARTH – Visible NOW on Stereo Ahead HI1 – Is it This Blue object NOW VISIBLE in our skies?

Large UNIDENTIFIED object approaching EARTH -
Visible NOW on Stereo Ahead HI1 image, this bright object on the left along with another smaller object moving ahead of it, both heading Earthwards!

The object flaring on the right hand side in this image is Mercury as identified on NASA’S Website here…
… scroll down page to HI1 images.
So, what is this large, bright unidentified object? ~
IS it perhaps THIS BLUE OBJECT which has suddenly appeared in our skies?

- NOT sure who took this picture but all credit due to them!

It’s also visible in Costa Rica too…

Watch it here live between 15:00 – 14:00 Costa Rica time! (Sunset)

…I’d be getting those tomatoe plants in soon if I were you!!!

Here is Marshall Masters presentation on this object…he has not been able to debunk this one yet.
Just the facts!
Source: Investmentwatchblog