James Dines: Exclusive Look At His Stunning 2013 Predictions

More than 6 years ago James Dines said to me in an interview that before this cycle ends all fiat currencies would go to worthlessness.  This was an amazing call on his part because within months of that interview the globe began to see competitive currency devaluations erupt.  Here is what the legendary Mr. James Dines is now predicting for 2013 and what the world faces going forward:  “This is not the Great Recession the government talks about.  This is really a whole ‘New Social Order.’  It includes a lot of my old predictions about ‘the coming end of the age of jobs’ and also travel.  We’ve seen soaring unemployment, and worldwide travel is being inhibited by kidnapping and dangers of all kinds.”

James Dines continues:

“You are seeing increasing government control and surveillance.  I’ve frequently correlated this with the books, ‘1984’ and Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World.’  It’s very important to understand what’s happening.  In this restructuring that I envision, it’s hard to see a positive side, but the seeds of (an eventual) recovery are already being laid, especially by the debt destruction of the deflation, and diminished expectations....

“The function of gold is that of a circuit breaker, protecting against excess printing of paper money that causes an inflation, which steals proportionately more from the poor than it does the rich.  The Fed is actually in charge of the blood bank here.  In effect, the Fed is Dracula in charge of the blood bank.”

Dines also added:  “We recently began to predict the world’s coming peak gold production.  Furthermore, there are more dollars printed each year so, to me, it’s unstoppable that gold’s long-term uptrend will continue.  Without a link to gold, paper currencies continue to careen crazily because they are whipped by mass psychology. 

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