Here Are 50 Stocks That Hedge Funds Are Shorting Like Crazy: GOLDMAN

Goldman Sachs' Hedge Fund Trend Monitor report takes a close look at what the world's biggest hedge funds are trading.

The report includes the Very Important Short Positions (VISP) — stocks in which have the most short interest outstanding.

It's interesting to note that while the largest company by market value (Apple) is high on the list of stocks loved by hedge funds, the second largest company (ExxonMobil) ranks #2 on the list of stocks being shorted.

We pulled the 50 stocks on Goldman's VISP list and ranked them by the total dollar value of short interest — the extent to which investors have been betting against the stock. Also included are the short interest expressed as a percentage of float cap, the YTD return, and the stock's ticker and sector.

50. Texas Instruments

50. Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments
Ticker: TXN
YTD return: 10%
Short interest as a percentage of float: 2%
Industry: Semiconductors
Source: Goldman

49. Hess Corp.

49. Hess Corp.
Ticker: HES
YTD return: 29%
Short interest as a percentage of float: 4%
Industry: Integrated oil and gas
Source: Goldman Sachs
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