BREAKING: Work on Sinkhole Halted due to Earthquakes!!

Work at Assumption sinkhole suspended after increase in seismic activity

Over the last 24 hours monitoring has turned up what appears to be an increase in the underground movement of fluids in the area of the failed salt cavern.–193461611.html

Officials: Work by giant sinkhole suspended — “Increase in underground fluid movement” — Odor from hydrocarbons being released

The main sinkhole has reached more than 800 feet in diameter and the western wall continues to collapse.

Two weeks ago, officials reported about 5,000 square feet fell in on the southwest side of the sinkhole, officials call this sloughing.

the fluid movement appears to be linked to observations of trees falling into the sinkhole, release of trapped debris from the sinkhole bottom and increased odor from hydrocarbons released to surface