Binary Asteroid Didymos heading our way, but they’re going to intercept it!

A joint mission between Europe and the US is working on a project to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid in 2022, in a bid to prove that incoming objects from space can be knocked off path and stopped from colliding with earth.

The Joint European/US Asteroid impact and Deflection Assessment mission (AIDA) is preparing to intercept the asteroid Didymos in 2022, when it is about 6.5 million miles (11 million kilometers) from earth.

European Space Agency (ESA) Officials announced the plans in a press release on Friday.

“AIDA is not just an asteroid mission, it is also meant as a research platform open to all different mission users,” said Andrés Gálvez, ESA studies manager.
ESA’s proposed Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment mission now has a target: asteroid Didymos.
The recent Russian meteor and, on the same day, our planet’s close encounter with an even larger chunk of celestial debris underline the need for us to learn more about these high-speed space rocks.
They needed that push on Feb.15 to finally start talking

They work on it for the last two years at least

but now the target is “official”
21 hours ago …
A mission that aims to slam a spacecraft into a near-Earth asteroid now officially has a target
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Planetary Defense is a concept very few people heard of or took seriously – that is until last week’s humongous and totally unexpected meteor explosion over Russia sent millions of frightened residents ducking for cover, followed just hours later by Earth’s uncomfortably close shave with the 45 meter (150 ft) wide asteroid named 2012 DA14.
Feb 25, Space & Earth/Space Exploration
Moscow believes an operable national defense against threats from outer space can be built within 10 years’ time.
The 500-kiloton explosion of a space bolide above the Urals region has sped-up allocation of some $2 billion to prevent future threats.
Planetary Defense Coordination Office Proposed to Fight Asteroids and Comets

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