Australian Government Spying on Citizens Poo’s

Tests for illegal drugs carried out on sewage has revealed that thousands of Queenslanders are getting wasted daily

SOUTHEAST Queensland’s sewage is being tested for illicit drugs to help police and overburdened emergency wards.
The tests have revealed the southeast corner’s appetite for cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamines.
The University of Queensland research, partly funded by the Australian Federal Police, shows thousands of people are taking drugs every day.
The 2010-2011 southeast Queensland results, obtained by The Courier-Mail, revealed that cannabis use increased during the holidays.
For every 1000 people, about 1-5 grams of marijuana is consumed each day. More recent tests are yet to be analysed.
On New Year’s Eve 2010, the use of ecstasy skyrocketed. Over the Christmas and New Year’s break, drug users also indulged in cocaine and methamphetamine.
However, on normal working days, people took similar amounts of cannabis as they did on holidays.
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The real reason for the tests:
University of Queensland and Auytralian Federal Police check sewage for drug trends
TRYING to keep on top of illicit drug use may be like being up a certain creek without a paddle for police, but that’s exactly their latest plan.

Tests by the University of Queensland, partially funded by the Australian Federal Police, have routinely been checking sewage in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast to show what types of drugs people have used.
The study’s 2010/11 southeast Queensland results, released today, show thousands of people are taking illicit drugs every day.
And for every 1000 people, about one to five grams of marijuana is consumed each day.
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Not just Australia, but also being done in the US and Europe.
Cities’ Sewage Serves as Giant Drug Test

(NEWSER) – Across the world, raw sewage is being analyzed for clues to illegal drug use. Environmental scientists are testing waste from US and European cities to gather data, which reveals everything from what’s popular to which days see the greatest use of which substances. “Every sample has one illicit drug or another, regardless of location,” a chemist tells the LA Times.
The results revealed a multitude of trends. Coke is a party drug—usage spikes on Saturday. Methamphetamine levels in Las Vegas sewage were much higher than those in Omaha or Oklahoma City. LA County tested higher for cocaine than many European cities, and Londoners leave behind more traces of heroin than residents of Italian or Swiss cities.