Why It’s Taking 7 Years For Gold To Be Returned To Germany

Today acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb told King World News the reason Germany is only getting small portions of their gold sent to them over the years is because the gold is not at the Fed.  Leeb also believes the United States is now running out of physical gold to sell in their price suppression scheme.  Here is what Leeb had to say:  “There are two main parties engaged in a battle for economic and monetary supremacy in the world.  This is China vs the United States.  Interestingly, at least for a period of time, both countries don’t want to see the price of gold take off.”
“The Chinese don’t want to see the price of gold take off because they still want to buy a lot of it.  The Chinese took in at least 1,000 tons of gold last year, and maybe even more.  This total represents Hong Kong imports plus their own production.
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