VIDEOS: US & CAN eye Russia new trade routes, OIL & new island as Arctic ice hits record low

As the level of Arctic ice reaches a historical low due to ice melting and/or magnetic N migration, some combination new routes including the Northeast Passage (aka Northern Sea Route) are becoming more accessible & profitable.

Until now, a glacier has hidden the true formation of the Northbrook Island. According to leader of the ongoing Russian “Arctic-2012” expedition, Vladimir Sokolov, a visit to the site last week leaves no doubt. There are open waters between what was believed to be two parts of the same island.

Reportely, Russian researchers already in 2006 got suspicions about the straits separating the islands. However, hard evidence about the new island was obtained only this September, RIA Novosti reports.

A Russian government commission will now come up with a name for the new piece of land.

Russian researchers have confirm their discovery of a new island in the Franz Josef archipelago.

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