The Decline and Fall of the United States Navy

All five branches of the American military have proud and distinguished histories, but perhaps none more so than the United States Navy.
Yet as Barack Obama works on destroying the United States as a superpower, the first casualty has become the United States Navy.
What has happened to the fleet that one time controlled the oceans?
Today the United States has one single aircraft carrier in the Middle East. In the first gulf war the United States had six aircraft carriers in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.
Today, the Navy could not get more than three carriers together and it would be hard pressed to do that.
The Party of Treason has effectively destroyed the Navy and one of Barack Obama’s fundamental transformations of America will make it impossible for this nation to be a superpower in the future.

In the 1980’s the Navy said in order to do its job it needed 15 carrier battle groups. Thanks to the Reagan naval build up, the Navy was able to field six carriers during the first gulf war and keep other commitments.
Then Bill Clinton came along and shrank the military budget and along with it the number of ships in the Navy. Today the Navy has fewer ships than it has had in the fleet since before World War One.
Today the Navy has nine aircraft carriers available. By law the Navy is supposed to have eleven but Congress granted a waiver to allow the Navy to retire the USS Enterprise in December and the USS Abraham Lincoln just started a massive four-year overhaul.
The Navy has only nine carriers. While that sounds like a lot, the simple fact is only a third of those ships can be at sea at any one time. Ships have to return to port, have to be repaired, train new sailors and then go out on deployment again.
Now, the Navy, which has been sending out carriers for six-month deployments, is now sending them out for eight-month deployments. For sailors with families, this is a huge problem. They must be apart from their families for two thirds of a year every time their ship goes on deployment. That takes a huge toll on the sailors and their families.
Aircraft carriers perform an invaluable function. They project power. America does not need to worry about complaints from another nation or obtaining permission to cross airspace when needed for an operation. Aircraft carrier battle groups project power in a way no other force can.
Unfortunately, Barack Obama has fundamentally transformed America and we will soon see the end of the ability of the Navy to project that power.
Two generations ago, European Nations made a choice. They could pay for their welfare states or they could have a military. They had the United States to defend them so they opted for the welfare state. Every time the budget got tight or liberal politicians wanted to bribe the voters with more benefits, they cut their military budgets.
Barack Obama has now put America on the track of cutting the military to pay our debt and pay for the welfare state.
Why is this important?
Just look at Britain.
After World War Two, the British Royal Navy was second only to America’s Navy. By the early 1980’s, the Royal Navy was a hollow shell of what it once was. When Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands were invaded, the British had to scrape together a fleet which was so ineffective it suffered very heavy losses. Despite that, it was able to project enough power to retake the Falklands.
Now, the second Falkland war is coming. Britain has no aircraft carriers or for that matter any aircraft that could fight in a naval environment. Sometime within the next year or two, Argentina will invade the Falklands again and this time Britain will not be able to send out a fleet to defend British territory.
This is the future of America and its Navy.
Obama and the Party of Treason will continue to cut the budget. As they do, the Navy will have no choice but to retire aircraft carriers.
Most people do not realize that America has territories in the Pacific. We rely on the seas for trade.
It is hard for us to imagine a time when America will not be able to project power to protect not another nation but to protect American territory in the Pacific.
As hard as it is to imagine, this is the future under Obama. Obama wants America to become a nuclear disarmed nation. He wants us to gut our military to the point where it would have a hard time defending our southern border against a rogue soccer team.
America was a great superpower. Thanks to Obama and the Party of Treason, we are now on the way to being a former superpower.
One of the truisms of history is that once a nation begins its decline, it never recovers.