Russia Issues “Critical Alert” For US As Billions Flee American Banks

A sobering “Critical Alert” issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this afternoon is warning all Russian diplomatic personal and civilian workers currently residing in the United States that an “imminent terror attack” should be expected to occur during the next fortnight, up to and including 12 February.

The three-level alarm system of terrorism threats issued in this report was signed into law by President Putin this past June and includes: Blue Level for elevated alert, Yellow Level for high alert, and Red Level for critical alert.

The MFA in issuing this extraordinary warning cites as one of its “sufficiently critical criteria” the mass withdrawal from the largest US banks this past week of $114.1 billion, the largest amount taken from these banks since the 11 September 2001 terror attacks, and which American financial experts have yet to explain because, in their words, they don’t why.

Equally concerning the MFA, this report says, was Switzerland joining Germany, the Netherlands and Venezuela in demanding that their gold held in the vaults of the US Federal Reserve Bank in New York be repatriated, a move that has brought fear among many American financial experts as to its full implications.

MFA strategic analysts contributing to this report state that these “massive financial moves” by Western elites signal their knowing of an impending crisis about to hit the United States similar to past “false flag attacks” intended to shift US policy, and laws, towards even greater totalitarian measures.

One specific example citied in this report was the 28 February 1993 “false flag” event, now called the Waco Siege, which killed 4 US government agents and 82 men, women and children, and which led to the 13 September 1994 passage of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that outlawed the American people from owning the types of armaments used in this state-sponsored massacre. [Note: This law expired in 2004]

Important to note, this report says, and in using past US history as an example, Russian terror experts “fully expect” the Americans to conduct another such staged event/massacre prior to President Obama’s 12 February State of Union Address where he is expected to demand new gun laws to quickly disarm the citizens of his country, a move that has been cheered by the Communist Party USA.

Not cheering the Obama regimes move to disarm citizens, however, are the gun owners of New York State who are now faced with some of the most draconian anti-gun laws in America, but who have vowed they will not comply in what is being dubbed as “the largest act of civil disobedience in State history.”
Even more disturbing, local Sheriffs across the United States are not cheering either and are vowing not enforce what they call “unconstitutional gun laws.”
The opposition of Americas Sheriffs to Obama’s gun-grab, this report continues, is significant as these law enforcement officers generally, but not always, are the highest law enforcement officer of a County with powers even exceeding those of US Federal government agents.

Quick to react against these Sheriffs, this report says, Obama regime supporter, and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, this past week stripped all of the County Sheriffs in his State of their arrest powers rendering them unable to protect the citizens who elected them from harm. 
Not acting alone, either, this report continues, Attorney General Biden was joined this past week by US Attorney General Eric Holder who began the Obama regimes push against US citizens owning guns, and by Obama’s former Chief of Staff, and current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, who told Americas banks this past week to stop supporting gun makers.

To if the American people will continue to allow their once cherished rights to be continually destroyed for the benefit of their elite masters, while at the same time succumbing to any measure of manufactured fear the Obama, or any other, regime throws at them, it still remains unknown.

What is known, however, is that the foe these American people find themselves pitted against is the most ruthless and murderous our planet Earth has ever known…over 150 million previously disarmed dead Russians, Chinese and German men, women and children over the past century can attest to that…so now it’s the United States turn to see who will ultimately win this tragic war against humanity.