Richard Russell - Will Germany Shock The World?

With gold near $1,670 and silver close to $32, the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, discussed a couple of global indexes, highlighted gold and the mining sector with some fascinating charts, and asks, what about Germany?  Here is what Russell had to say: “Will Germany shock the world by pulling out of the eurozone?  Germany's stock index has been consolidating, but I don't like the look of MACD.  Germans are dreaming of getting back their beloved Deutsche mark -- I think they've had enough of the euro.”

Richard Russell continues:

“The German stock index has been moving sideways -- which way is it going to break?  We should know soon.

Gold is looking increasingly interesting.  The chart below almost speaks for itself.  Spot gold is in a rising trend and is touching its 50-day MA.  The nearby target is to climb above 1700.  There has been terrific resistance to gold's rise -- it's as if every penny higher has been fought against by the anti-gold group (and who could that be but the Fed?).  RSI and MACD are both bullish.
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