Ollinois Gun Ban Legislation Passes the House

Both Illinois HB1263 (banning various firearms) and HB815 (regulating the bejesus out of magazines and shooting ranges) have passed out of a Public Health hearing by a vote of 6 – 3. Before passing HB1263, the Committee added a sixth amendment. According to its dictates, firearms specified in the bill (e.g. a semi-automatic rifle such as the ones shown above only with longer barrels) must be registered with the Illinois State Police within 240 days of the bill’s passage, at $10 per gun ($15 for a .50). If the owner sells an “assault rifle” to an out-of-state buyer, the former owner must provide the State Police with the buyer’s name and address. Question: what does ANY of this have to do with preventing crime?
Article Via: Twg2a