OldBuck:So you thought you knew what happen at Sandy Hook. / Now Hear Connecticut cop Mark S. Mann

Mass killings are used as an instrument to disarm or instill fear, to control the people of a nation for the benefit of the ultra-rich whom having more money than they need, so seek domination of the world. 

This is a small group and information is shared on a need to know bases/ compartmentalized to the maximum so as to prevent leaks and maintain plausible deniability.

How a Mass Killing operation is set up and executed within the United States.

Step One: Determine the Target – Trade or business centers, Schools, Theaters, churches, Races, Individual etc.

Step Two: Identify, befriend and or Isolate the chosen perpetuator(s).

2a. Preferably with a long term background of mental Illness.

2b. Currently on prescribed antipsychotic or depression medication(s).

Step three: Choose your on-site Investigative/ command Leader.

3a one whom, has a history of following orders, without question

3b. Seeking, or pending promotion within their branch of law enforcement agency. i.e.: FBI DEA CIA

Step Four: Select one well know member of the media to leak both real and misleading inside information.

Select three lessors know members of the media to leak rumors of the facts and investigation.

4a At least one of the lessors knows must be among the local area media.

Step Five: Assemble at least two but no more than a four member team to carry out the attack.

5a Theses members should come from known antigovernment or terrorist groups and led by your special member.

5a.Your Special member having, military training in escape and extraction. (This team will be terminated and deposed of upon completion of the mission.)

The above five step can be seen as having been applied from Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook and numerous other mass killings.

Four of the above steps can be seen as having been applied to assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, Martian Luther King and other lessor known public figures as well as 911 and Oklahoma City.

The on-site investigative command leader is the most important and most viable as an uninvolved member of the operation.

He is the one whom receives and follows the order to release any team members that may have been detained at the time of the attack. . (Five Israelites 911, Three at Sandy Hook, one at Aurora Theater)

Today the powers of Governments operate on FEAR meaning False Evidence Appearing Real.

They seal and hide the records for 60,75 or more years and you the people live with and believe there lies for a lifetime.