MASSACRE IN THE DESERT – Algeria Hostage Update: 35 Killed, 15 Escape! Pentagon Prepares Mali Intervention – China to be Sucked into Mineral Grab. 1,400 French Troops Now On Ground In Mali

REPORT: Dozens of hostages held in Algeria killed
A Mauritanian news agency that has been in constant contact with kidnappers holding dozens of Western hostages in Algeria reported on Thursday that 34 of the captives had been killed in air strikes.…

Private Algerian TV station Ennahar reports 15 foreign hostages have escaped
Algerian hostage takers demand safe passage out of besieged base with captives
30 Algerians held hostage by ‘Mali Islamists’ escape Sahara gas facility
UPDATE: Japan, U.S., Britain to join forces over Algeria hostage crisis

FLASH UPDATE: 1,400 french troops now on ground in Mali – French Defence Minister

The War on Mali. What you Should Know: An Eldorado of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals …

First Nigerian troops to join anti-rebel operation in Mali
Close to 200 Nigerian troops are due to arrive in Mali to help fight Islamist insurgents in the country’s north.
It is the first West African contingent to join France’s anti-rebel operation launched in Mali on Friday.
In total, 3,300 regional troops will be deployed in the conflict under a UN Security Council resolution. Chad has confirmed it will send 2,000 troops.

By Design: French Mali Invasion Spills into Algeria
Exactly as predicted, the ongoing French “intervention” in the North African nation of Mali has spilled into Algeria – the next most likely objective of Western geopolitical interests in the region since the successful destabilization of Libya in 2011.
In last week’s “France Displays Unhinged Hypocrisy as Bombs Fall on Mali” report, it was stated specifically that:
“As far back as August of 2011, Bruce Riedel out of the corporate-financier funded think-tank, the Brookings Institution, wrote “Algeria will be next to fall,” where he gleefully predicted success in Libya would embolden radical elements in Algeria, in particular AQIM.
Between extremist violence and the prospect of French airstrikes, Riedel hoped to see the fall of the Algerian government.
Ironically Riedel noted:
Algeria has expressed particular concern that the unrest in Libya could lead to the development of a major safe haven and sanctuary for al-Qaeda and other extremist jihadis.
And thanks to NATO, that is exactly what Libya has become – a Western sponsored sanctuary for Al-Qaeda.
AQIM’s headway in northern Mali and now French involvement will see the conflict inevitably spill over into Algeria. 
Algeria Will Be Next to Fall

At Least 3 Americans [Conveniently] Held Hostage by Al Qaeda-Linked Group in Algeria[Conveniently]_Held_Hostage_by_Al_Qaeda-Linked_Group_in_Algeria/23646/0/38/38/Y/M.html
Fate of 7 Americans Held Unknown
Algeria: Islamist leader, hostages to be killed one by one

Amnesty International says Islamist militias have committed many abuses against civilians in northern Mali, including the use of child soldiers, amputations and stonings.
It’s calling on the international community to help deploy human rights monitors.

Standoff on Day 2 of Algerian-Al Qaeda hostage crisis

A notorious al Qaeda commander named Mokhtar Belmokhtar has claimed credit for the kidnapping of 41 foreign nations at an BP oil field in eastern Algeria, according to multiple press reports.
The current political, humanitarian and security crisis in Mali creates an unacceptable situation for the country, and a grave threat for the region and for Europe.
Full report:

IT’S BEEN PLANNED – ” NATO’s War on Libya & Africa ” for Minerals:
Kick China out , prevent unification

Another year and another foreign adventure for the UK military, but with regards to Mali many analysts and commentators are missing an angle; the ‘Pivot to Asia’ and the surging role of China in the world.
This pivot, a strategic reorientation by the US to address the power of China, is a topic which haunts academic, policy-making and defence circles, including Defence Secretary Phil Hammond, who has argued previously that with increased US attention on Asia our European allies should step up and take a more “adventurous” role in foreign policy.
Mali and the other former French colonies which surround it have had extensive dealings with China. The country, one of the poorest in the world, has received substantial Chinese money for development. In 2011 China made good on a package of hundreds of millions, partially as a “gift” to improve the “living standards of Malian people”.
34 hostages and 15 kidnappers killed by Algerian army airstrike
BREAKING 35 hostages and 15 hostage takers killed in Algeria as they tried to move from one plant location to another.