"I have executive powers over guns..." - It's starting...

President Obama just said in a Press Conference that he will use his "executive" powers to introduce gun control measures... well Hitler did the same thing in 1938 and we all know how that ended. This is maybe a pretty harsh comparison, but if history showed us one thing, than it's these little things/arguments/statements that lead to bigger things - sometimes war and million of deaths - and that's not a understatement.

Today I understand how important rights/laws like the 2nd are for the general population and how it can protect all of our lives. If you grow up in countries like Europe (like I did) you don't realize that and you follow the majority of the people's opinion that it is not good - well once you lived a couple years in the US (like I did) - you are starting to realize that you have been brainwashed since your birth and there is more to life than just work and paying taxes. I traveled a lot and saw many countries - from a work-related standpoint (no vacation) - so most of the time I got the chance to socialize with local people. One thing that always emerged was that people are barely happy. Sure they have good jobs, get well paid (even in China sometimes) and have some kind of freedom, but really happy? I never saw this... there were always complaints about this and that.

I never had that feeling in the United States. Sure people complaint here, too - but it's still different. People complaint about restrictions of their personal liberties - and people get very passionate by that. It's a different tone - something I haven't seen in any other country I have traveled to (132 in total). Overall, I can say that people are more happy in the United States than in any other country - well statistics maybe disagree with me, but that's my personal observation .. and people don't like to have this taken away...

Now that I have a family and children, I think you get even more protective of your life and surroundings. So if someone comes along who threatens to take this away with such an arrogant and dictator-like behavior, all the alarm bells are starting to ring and all of these "crazy" grandmom stories suddenly become not so crazy .. and I don't refer this only to guns, but also to the personal and individual liberty that everyone enjoys (and most of the time take it for granted - which is I think absolutely OK).

I think we live in a very dangerous time and we need to take action not only to protect ourselves but also our children which will end up living in the society we shape today .. and I am pretty sure that I don't want my children to live in a European-like ideology because I know where it can put someone and I much rather have them learn and appreciate the "American Way".

Since weeks I am puzzled how this could play out in the United States. I saw a couple of SHTF scenarios and how it would turn out, however I think it's going to be a slow choppy process - taking one right away at a time - and I hope that people realize that.

I never really learned "Political Correctness" and I say things that sometimes look offending, however it's just my honest opinion:

It doesn't matter if you liberal/republican/tea-party/etc - all alarm bells should ring if a person - especially the president - starts to talk to attack the constitution and use in worst case executive powers to override everyone to push through an agenda - especially in such sensitive topics like Gun Control. This is the first step to dictatorship, because we have seen it so many times exactly like that in history...

Wake up People!