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It has been argued that the legends of Saint Margaret are derived from a transformation of the pagan divinity Aphrodite into a Christian saint. The problem of her identity is a purely literary question.[clarification needed]

Saint Margaret attracts the attention of the Roman prefect, by Jean Fouquet from an illuminated manuscript.
The cultus of Saint Margaret became very widespread in England, where more than 250 churches are dedicated to her, most famously, St. Margaret’s, Westminster, the parish church[2] of the British Houses of Parliament in London. Some consider her a patron saint of pregnancy. In art, she is usually pictured escaping from, or standing above, a dragon.
She is recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, being listed as such in the Roman Martyrology for July 20.[3] She was also included from the twelfth to the twentieth century among the saints to be commemorated wherever the Roman Rite was celebrated,[4] but was then removed from that list because of the entirely fabulous character of the stories told of her.[5] Margaret is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, and is one of the saints who spoke to Joan of Arc.
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