2013: Resist or Disarm. Start deciding now what form your resistance will take.

"The meek, he had been told, would inherit the earth, but only when the last soldier left it to them in his will." -- Captain Richard Sharpe, in Sharpe's Company by Bernard Cornwell, Chapter 10.
Piece of Mind.
Sebastian, the ultimate pragmatist, has presented his read on the bills now entered, or about to be entered, into Congress: "We have a lot of work to do on the magazine issue. Most people, at this point, even pundits and elites, know the “assault weapons” issue is a crock of shit. The magazine issue is a different story." I left this comment on his blog which was not approved:

It doesn't matter what they pass, enough of us will defy it to make the choice mandatory for the rest of you. Fight or disarm.
Sebastian and other Fudd "pragmatists" may continue to hide from this reality if they choose, but J.D. Longstreet understands this in his piece The Next American Civil War:
At first glance it appears to be lunacy of the highest order—and yet—here we are on the cusp of violence to defend something the political left, an authoritarian cabal itself, cannot abide, AT ALL: personal freedom, individual freedom. . .

And now they intend to disarm us.
Look. There is so much pent-up anger in America today that if this argument over gun control ever gets beyond the talking stage it is reasonable to believe there will be violence on a scale not seen since the 1860’s in this country.
These fears are reinforced by the promises of the antis to 'pry guns from cold, dead fingers'.
But the time has not come to begin shooting -- yet. Feinstein's Intolerable Act has not yet passed, let alone begun to be enforced. The raid parties are not yet forming. However, the time HAS come for each of us to decide what form our resistance will take.
Some of us, myself included, are already on the public stage so we might as well dance. For us, the struggle will be a political one of letters, demonstrations, passive and active resistance designed to put the regime on notice that this line they have drawn will not be crossed without further resistance, even righteous, justifiable self-defense of our lives, liberty and property. We shall be the rattlesnake's rattle, the low growl of the wolverine, saying "Don't tread on me." Our job is to put them on notice so that they don't blunder uninformed into this civil war that the unintended consequences of their actions will spark. Our job will be to get in their faces and say plainly, "If you try to take our firearms we will kill you." This is the same moral requirement that we would be under if a convicted home invader and rapist out on parole met us in the street and announced that he was coming to our home that night to rob, rape and kill. Would we be justified in killing him on the spot? No. But we would be obligated to warn him that if he attempts it we will kill him. Those who also have a record of robbing and raping the Founders' republic and killing its citizens to work their will upon them deserve the same sort of warning.
Some of us will also be doing political work, but behind the scenes, doing such things as privately putting each of our county sheriffs and other politicians on the spot -- here is the Intolerable Act, will you enforce it or help us resist it?
Others of us, the majority I suspect, will simply be the hidden core of resistance, using the intervening time by seeing to their own training and logistics, awaiting the day when the Feds, having lost patience with those of us who publicly defy them, finally begin killing us. These will be the folks who will execute a Fourth Generation civil war upon the tyrant's leadership -- and only them to the greatest extent possible -- with the target of breaking their will as they prosecute their treasonable war against the Founders' republic. They are willing to fight to the last ATF agent and local policeman to enforce their will. But it will be by their own aggression, and the 4GW reaction to it, that we will then discover if they are willing to fight to the first Senator, the second congressman, the third White House aide, the fourth editor, the fifth Hollywood propagandist using Bill Clinton's revised rules of engagement against the Serb's in 1999. Unintended consequences indeed.
It will be the time of One Hundred Heads, may God spare us all from its horrors.
The point is that each of us must decide now what form our resistance will take. Either that, or prepare to disarm. Time is just about up. Those who are busy subverting the Founders' republic have told us so.
"Son, you don't poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off." -- Grandpa Vanderboegh.

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