The recent actions/reactions of Israel shows us how afraid they are of possible long-lasting Peace ‘breaking out’ in the region …. the question is WHY?

The long overdue recognition of Palestine as a legitimate entity among the family of nations is seen as a threat to those that have successfully denied its existence for almost 65 years. 65 years of successfully destroying what remained of a nation via occupation, blockades, land theft, torture and murder, while claiming to be the victim.

It is that very victim status that has kept the zionist entity from disappearing off the face of the map. It is that status which brings forth billion$ of dollars in handouts from the West, 3.5 Billion from the US alone annually.

It is that status that has allowed them to ignore every UN Resolution ever passed against them. It is that status that is allowing them to expand the illegal settlements which stand on lands stolen from the Palestinian people. The settlement expansion is now seen by many as a direct ‘dare’ to the Obama Administration, rather than to the Palestinians themselves… U.S. Rachets Up Attack on Israel Over SettlementsCalls for Reconsideration Over ‘E1′ Occupation Plans

From an earlier post; Fear of Peace … or is it the fear of losing the 3.5 BILLION Dollar$ a year which the American taxpayer unwillingly GIVES to Israel is great cause for alarm. What if there no longer is an ‘enemy’? What if a United Palestine achieves the Statehood they have been waiting for since 1948? For sure, unity will lead to statehood, statehood will lead to the end of the occupation, BOTH will lead to Peace. Can Israel live with these results?

The zio press seems to think otherwise; An Editorial in Today’s Jerusalem Post raises many invalid points regarding these matters…

The question of Palestinian Statehood is the greatest fear as can be seen in THIS ultra right column…

Bottom line is from yesterday’s post, Let’s see who will stand for Justice in this unjust world of ours

Israel must be isolated from the rest of the world. The time has come to let them know that Peace is the only solution, not zionism!
Article Source: DesertPeace