US Military Sniper Stops Portland Mall Massacre

US Military Sniper Stops Portland Mall Massacre

A new Federal Security Services report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a massacre was averted this past week at a shopping mall located in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Happy Valley after a US military sniper team “neutralized” a heavily armed masked gunman prior to his being able to launch what was intended to be one of the United States worst mass shootings in recent years.

According to this report, this past Tuesday (11 December), the gunman intending to perpetrate this massacre, since indentified as Jacob Tyler Roberts, entered the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall, where an estimated 10,000 holiday shoppers were located, announced “I am the shooter,” then opened fire upon his shocked victims killing Cindy Ann Yuille and Steve M. Forsyth, and critically wounding a teenage girl named Kristina Shevchenko.

Within minutes of this attack occurring, this report says, one of the at least four sniper teams belonging to the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Group, headquartered at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State, who had been pre-positioned for this attack, located the gunman and killed him with a single shot to the head thus ending, what in all likelihood Russian analysts say, could have been the worst American mass shooting in decades.

Interesting to note, this report continues, are that the US military sniper teams who ended this seemingly senseless rampage were able to have been pre-positioned due to their receiving a warning of this attack the day before via the English-language image board website named 4chan, where on 10 December, the day prior to this attempted massacre, a message was posted saying “Tomorrow. Watch the news, Clackamas Town Center Mall.” [See screen shot image below]

4chan is one of the Internet's most trafficked image boards and, FSB analysts say in this report, the most likely poster of this massacre warning is a US dissident group named Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency (Par:AnoIA) whose website is designed to collect leaks, allow project participants to work on them, and release them in a way that draws the attention of the public.

Not just the public follows Par:AnoIA, this report continues, all US military and intelligence agencies, likewise, follow their leaks and warnings, but with much more sophisticated software algorithms enabling them to ascertain what are “true” threats from “false” ones.

The greatest concern to the US military about these gun-related massacres, FSB analysts in this report say, and as we had previously reported on in our 28 July report Mysterious Radio “Blast” Before Colorado Massacre Puzzles Scientists, are their all involving what can only be described as mind controlled entities acting without reason, but with “sudden and deadly purpose.”

Like nearly all of the mass killers who came before him, Jacob Tyler Roberts was described as a typically happy man who liked to joke around, but had changed abruptly in the last week and “seemed numb” immediately prior to the attack.

Unbeknownst to the American people about these mass shootings, and as the Sorcha Faal has fully documented in her seminal work titled “Iron Mountain Apocalypse: The True Story Of 2013”, the US policy of instituting a continued atmosphere of terror, panic and fear have long been a part of their plan to institute changes to their society which has seen them become the most spied upon people in all of world history.

To when the next massacre will occur, this report grimly ends, is not a matter of “if,” but rather “when,” as the “master plan” to disarm the American people is now accelerating as these unsuspecting people continue sleepwalking towards the abyss.
Article Source: whatdoesitmean