The End of Liberty of America (FULL VERSION!)

MOST Americans seem to not realize that this country was NEVER what it seemed to be. From its beginning until now, there has always been oppression, different economical and social classes where rules and laws effect both differently. Democracy is a joke, and having a country as a Republic never happened in USA, smoke and mirrors for those in power to try and stay in power and suck the blood, money, sweat and tears of the "common folk". MOST non-Americans already know this.It is not that Romney would have been any better than Obama ! I am neither a republicrat nor a democrican. I do not play their game....bipartisanship is a joke and anyone buying into it needs to wake up now! We need to trash this current system and replace it (completely), with an immediate and indefinite ban on federal banks, evil multinational corporations, lobbyism, main stream media, insurance companies, student loans, fiat money, reality shows (lol)...etc. Either we act now, or we are doomed!