Russia Prepared to Evacuate Nationals from Syria

Russia Prepared to Evacuate Nationals from Syria
Editor’s Note: Sometimes you can glean information about a situation by those who are involved in it and how they react. Russia and the UN are pulling their people out. Does this mean they have gotten word about a new offensive or is there concern about the patriot missile system being deployed? Russian nationals and engineers have been in Syria through all the madness and now they move to pull everyone out? It appears to me that either Assad will be whisked away or an entire new development is going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned.. –Michael Vail
According to the Kremlin’s Middle East envoy Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian emergency services have reserved several planes to evacuate Russian nationals from Syria.

These people are officials, engineers and Russian wives.

Mr Bogdanov advised Russians to postpone travel to Syria.

Syrian opposition set for Moscow talks

According to the Kremlin’s Middle East envoy Mikhail Bogdanov, in the period to the New Year Moscow will host several rounds of talks between Russian officials and foreign representatives of the internal Syria opposition.

The Russian side will try to persuade their factions to unite in accordance with the guidelines set at last June’s Geneva conference on Syria.

Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hosted a meeting with the chief diplomatic representative of the National Coordination Council of the Syrian opposition Heisam Manaa.

Militarization of Syria conflict in full swing – Russia’s Deputy FM

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Putin’s Middle East envoy Mikhail Bogdanov told reporters Monday that militarization of the Syrian conflict was in full swing.

He said belligerent opposition groups were receiving massive outside arms shipments, including deadly Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, despite the existing embargo.

“There has been a sweeping militarization [of the Syrian conflict], which is of course extremely disturbing because it doesn’t contribute to the peacemaking efforts that should encourage cooperation between all opposition groupings in order to reach an immediate, lasting and comprehensive ceasefire,” Mr. Bogdanov said.
Article Source: StratRisks