Robert Menard: What is a Freeman On The Land

In America they pass particularly unpalatable statutes and acts in the dead of night (Christmas and new years eve are favourite times to do so) as they know that nobody no matter who unconscious would accept this. Its a pity people dont even know what common law is and its good for the 'elites' (thieves who live lives of luxury off the backs of others labour) that the masses are pretty much oblivious to this treachery - or the "occupy" protests would be academic issues..I believe, “Reclaiming our Natural, Sovereign Birth Rights” is a more-definitive phrase to describe this ‘Freeman Movement’ (it goes back to the Magna Carta). The loss of ‘Free Communities’ originally occurred in England – when they drove all the people off the land (claiming it ‘privately owned’) – and, with no other option, into work shops in big cities. They also transformed the (small) Feudal Estate ‘model’ (w. it’s ‘indentured servitude’) into a (larger, more-encompassing) STATE (w. it’s new ‘borders’ being that of a country). The same ‘model’ was replicated throughout Europe. - ‘Passports’ were introduced during Napoleons’ time. - One man (w. his family), while living in a ‘state’, cannot achieve freedom (from state tyranny, oppression & slavery). It requires a “collective”. A new “Free State of Sovereign Citizens’ must be (re)created – I believe. One in which all ‘over Lords’ are expressly forbidden!