Media outnumber doomsayers in Turkish 'apocalypse haven'

AFP - As the village of Sirince waited for what some say is an apocalypse from which the tiny Turkish hamlet will be spared, its streets were teeming not with doomsayers but a hoard of disappointed journalists.

Hundreds of reporters were wandering aimlessly around the beautiful town of 570 inhabitants Thursday, hoping to grab a New Age spiritualist taking refuge there to dodge the apocalypse.

Doomsayers have reportedly identified Sirince -- reputed to be the site from which the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven -- as a safe haven that will be spared destruction thanks to the positive energy flowing through it.

But if the world ends Friday -- as prophesied by those who say the end of the Mayan "Long Count" calendar can mean only that -- and Sirince survives, there will be fewer illuminati than journalists on hand to rebuild after the apocalypse.

And they will have cellar-loads of wine to help with the task.
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