Israeli Espionage in America – A National Security Scandal

“How do I want to rob, cheat and lie to thee.  Let me count the ways… military, nuclear, political, academic, media and your law enforcement institutions.”
By Jim W. Dean

The biggest national security scandal story of our times is the extent that Israeli espionage has gone on  here for decades. There is an aspect of the War on Terror on which our elite leadership refuses to level with the public.  Just how terrified our defense, political, counter intelligence and legal institutions are when it comes to rooting them out and shutting it all down. All other terrors pale into insignificance. They treat this affliction with an age old cure…denial.
My first exposure to Israeli espionage scholastically was through Steven Green’s book ‘Taking Sides: America’s Secret Relations With A Militant Israel’(1984). Green was one of the earliest users of the then new Freedom of information Act, filing hundreds of requests to get previously classified military and diplomatic Intel reports.

The book is a gold mine, so much so that some in the Reagan administration considered a rump prosecution of Green to scare others off from doing similar work. Cooler heads prevailed and they ended up reclassifying some of the best parts of the book despite Green’s archives being publicly available at the Hoover institute. There is a phrase to describe this… ‘contempt for the public’.

Green found some of the Zionist early espionage involved extensive weapons hijacking and theft operations to support their 1948 war, giving them complete military superiority in the number and quality of weapons, and training.  Post war Czechoslovakia provided the base for this training. The Zios showed their appreciation by delivering prototype jeep mounted radar system, stolen right from under our noses by their many helpers.
The Israeli WMD program started prior to the 1948 war,  where out military intelligence reported Zionist agents combing war ravaged Europe looking for chemical and biological weapons, including Sarin nerve gas And this was followed soon after the ’48 war with the beginning of their nuclear program.
What they could not get through aid or purchase, they simply stole. Weapons grade uranium was obtained in England and here from a reprocessing plant Pennsylvania owned by an American Zionist, still alive today. The investigation of the material pilfered from Westinghouse fuel rods had the FBI agent in charge instructed to make no written notes of any of his interviews, but to report verbally.

Lyndon Johnson
President Johnson, caught up in a Mosaad ‘honey pot’ trap, helped arm the Israelis for offensive level operations, and also did nothing when they attacked the USS Liberty in the 1967 war to destroy its battlefield communications intercept capabilities, with huge casualties.
Let’s go down the overview list with a few comments and later I will come back with a piece on each.
Political: Our Congress is completely tunneled. Israeli Intel assets sit on most of their staffs to keep an eye not only on the Congressman’s staff, but the elected officials themselves.

Capitol Dome

They are sometimes volunteer liaison people. Bribery, blackmail (using sex and ‘financial irregularities) are some of the tools.  The money and campaign workers at election time create a climate where saying no to a Jewish Lobby demand is rarely even considered. And when the President occasionally does, the Lobby just pulls their puppet strings and Congress out votes the rare veto.

Pro Israeli resolutions are introduced sometimes several time a session just for a public head count. And when our counter intelligence people are about to bust a big Israeli spy case, the word comes down from the executive branch to stop the investigation in order  to avoid the national embarrassment of our ‘ally’.
The executive branch has to give them a few slots in return for campaign support. The Israelis lean toward the National Security Council slots. What once was chief deputy spots are now NSC members themselves. Israeli spies just walk in the front door, pick up what they have ordered from their NSC fellow spy, and walk out the front door.
Most of our top loyal Intel people are aware of all this, but tell us that even bringing up the idea of a prosecution is instant career destruction.
Yes, you figured it out. The retired folks fill us in on all this stuff as they felt humiliated having to work around that level of corruption.

Dept. of Justice

Law enforcement: Part of the Jewish Lobby’s payoff for campaign help, from either Republicans or Democrats, is to plant their key people in places where they can protect Israeli interests. And in the Justice Department they want people were they can have early warning on any investigations, and also who in the Justice Department and FBI that seems too interested in catching Israeli spies, for their careers can then begin to …shall I say run into roadblocks that will be visible to all the others.
Lobby schmooze groups like the Anti-Defamation League are staple lecturers at the FBI Academy priming young agents to be more open to helping out our good ally Israel someday when they need to be tipped off about something.
The Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees and crowd is now on a Homeland Security advisory board, doing diversion work with our limited counter intelligence resources watching over  returning war theater veterans and traditional American groups they deem not subservient enough to Lobby and Israel’s interests.

The Pentagon
The military brass is not immune. All up and coming brass are profiled for their pro or not pro enough on Israel quotient to size them up for co-option or dead career assistance.
Their religious backgrounds are checked to see if the Christian Zionist button is the best approach. How about living beyond their incomes? Or would they like an impressive post military career with a few hundred thousand in low labor directors fees, a nice think tank position,  or a talking head mass media expert. All this is available to those who want to play ball.

If you want a list of names of their best prospects just ask the Lobby front orgs for their recruiting lists.
They use the standard spy recruiting tool of the lavish all expense paid tour to Israel where they get the five star treatment, and taste of what more might be available.
They do this with law enforcement brass also, from State Bureau Investigation heads, down to key city sheriffs, those able to provide information to good friends if they want to and they do.
Academic: Israeli espionage here focuses on primarily keeping the pro Israeli attitude being imprinted on the young folks, and keeping the professors in line, particularly in areas like the Mid East Departments.  Life can be  tough for those who do not openly portray themselves as pro Israel. And for those who openly challenge their major positions, they usually find their employment under assault by a gang banging of Jewish groups, politicians and media.

Jewish campus youth groups like the Hillel group are recruiting grounds for good Jewish kids to spy on their professors and fellow students, particularly the ones that look like potential political comers. Every word they say or gets printed is reviewed for any clues on support or non support for Israel, and the proper notation is made in their files.

The Israelis think long term on their penetrations. For nuclear spies, the best PhD. candidates coming out of the top schools are profiled similarly to the generals and admirals…religion, poor childhood, egos, or…how about a little help getting a first job at the top nuclear labs.
“We have friends in those places and we could put a good word in for you.” This is no theory folks. This is how it is done. They know it. We know it. They know we know it.
Only the public ends up as the real chumps here, as they are the last to know.  All of these Israeli espionage facilitators do not want to be pestered with silly questions like “why have we never broken up a single Israeli spy network here…is it illegal or something to catch them?”
Media: Ah…the media. The spy recruiter’s choice of all assignments. Media spies are a gold mine. They have some Supreme Court case protection on sources. They have the wonderful tool of asking important people about classified material ‘off the record’. And it they run into some problems the media employers generally pay the legal bills as they did Judith Miller.

Some of them come pre trained like Wolf Blitzer, formerly spending years at the Jerusalem Post being groomed for his future assignment. They rarely use someone with a high profile like this too openly, but an exception was made with Blitzer. They blew his cover by having him write the whitewash book on Jonathan Pollard, who killed more CIA agents and more of our overseas spies that all of the rest of the Cold War combined. Pollard destroyed almost an entire generation of intelligence expenditures, and Wolf Blitzer got paid off by making him an anchor…another demonstration for those hesitant to play ball.
So Jim Dean, what are we going to do about it?

George Schultz

I will be writing more on the Jonathan Pollard presidential pardon. The pro Pollard pressure list reads like a who’s who of the Israeli fifth column here, even including past Secretary of State George Schultz, and former CIA director James Woolsey.

James Woolsey

I am happy to report that a lot of 100% patriotic Americans in law enforcement and counter intelligence are in a rage over this. A lot have occupations where the Lobby terrorists can punish them.  I do not.  So we will be sharing with you what they have be sharing with some of us here at Veterans Today.

The working title I have for this series is ZioLeaks. We are going to take you through it all…the past and the present, show you who is working for them and why…things like the think tanks that are bull pens for spies or assets waiting to be placed in key administration patronage slots, political, defense, media, law enforcement or academia.

The easy part about this is what is called in the trade  ‘front door’ espionage. It is done in the open. Their assets are revealed as kind of showing off that the fix is in so deep, that it doubles as a recruiting advertisement for them.

Jonathan Pollard
Hence the Herculean effort to get Pollard released…simply to demonstrate to all those working for Israeli intelligence, directly or indirectly, that, “we will take care of you, no matter what it takes…whoever we have to compromise, including Secretaries of State  and  CIA directors.”
Jonathan Pollard: New Information Revealed

What they don’t know that is coming at them is what Mubarak and his looting cronies did not see coming.  And it is coming here. All that is required to trigger it off is for the good folks to fully learn how thoroughly they have been screwed over, and by whom.

Our VT people have fought on the front lines, behind the lines, or in the culture wars where we saw good Americans pitted against good Americans in what was clearly the classic Intel divide and counter play.  With the years that some of us in our 60′s have left, frankly, we would like to devote most of it to some good old payback to America’s worst friend in the Mideast. How about you???
Israeli espionage here is a glaring example of deep corruption. They are working Homeland Security now laying the ground work  for prosecuting those who want to catch them…for hate.  They want to put their critics in jail. Egypt is here people, brought to us by the Israelis.
Maybe we can have a band of these Tunisians and Egyptian folks come over here and give us a few pointers. Veterans Today will try to bring some of them on through our new multimedia expansion. After all, what do we have to lose??