Even though there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind at this point that the CT event was a completely staged false flag, many school shootings have been real. There has never in the history of man been a law passed which protects people. Even law enforcement is only there to "enforce" the law and they can only do that "after the fact". So who's responsibility is it to protect you or your children? While it is tragic beyond belief that with a combination of drugs, chemicals and deliberate indoctrination in the school system they have dumbed this nation down to an average IQ of 60 (mean norm 110-120), even a COMPLETE MORON instinctively understands self preservation. This school principle not only has a very firm handle on the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, he understands his responsibility to protect those helpless children in his charge on a daily basis. Do you think ANY SCHOOL which adopts these common sense measures would be targeted? Since killers and criminals are COWARDS at the core and will nearly always choose the path of least resistance, I highly doubt it!

HARROLD, Texas -- There's at least one school that welcome firearms to class.
It believes nothing makes a school safer than teachers who are armed.

The Harrold Independent School District is one building with 103 students. It's 20 minutes away from the nearest sheriff's station. Superintendent David Thweatt created what he calls a "guardian plan" after the attack at Virginia Tech.

"These people that go in and do these horrible acts, they're evil. But they're not that crazy -- they always know where they are going to get resistance," Thweatt said.

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