Officials: High levels of ‘extremely dangerous gas’ reported near giant sinkhole - Newspaper removes ‘poisonous’ from headline

Title: 4:35 p.m. Texas Brine Reports H2S at Sonic Well
Source: Assumption Parish Police Jury
Date: Nov. 20, 2012
Texas Brine has reported high levels of H2S from their sonic vent well that is drilled into the cap rock. The well was shut in due to these levels. DNR’s contractor, The Shaw Group, is currently investigating. We are currently waiting on additional details from DNR.
Please be advised that H2S is an extremely dangerous gas. Unlike methane, it is heavier than air and collects at low to the ground levels. No community air monitors have detected H2S. Monitoring will continue as usual.
Title: Hydrogen sulfide gas found in sinkhole-area vent well
Source: The Advocate
Date: November 21, 2012

Texas Brine Co. has shut down one of its two vent wells [...] after a small amount of potentially deadly hydrogen sulfide gas was released to the atmosphere, company officials confirmed Tuesday.
Sonny Cranch, spokesman for Houston-based Texas Brine, said [...] “It was barely a minimum amount that went into the air” [...]
Parish officials said in a separate blog post Tuesday that no community air monitors detected hydrogen sulfide, but warned residents about the discovery, saying high concentrations of the gas were found inside the vent well.
“Please be advised that H2S (hydrogen sulfide) is an extremely dangerous gas. Unlike methane, it is heavier than air and collects at low-to-the-ground levels,” the blog post says. [...]
Louisiana Office of Conservation officials said they would be meeting with Texas Brine over the latest developments. Parish officials said Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure, the state office’s agent for the sinkhole incident, also would be investigating. [...]